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Tre Lon with area of ​​77 hectares, located in the west of Con Son island, 5km from Ben Dam port. Forest resources have typical trees, wild animals: lizards, pythons, snakes, some seabirds species, Nicobar pigeon, ...

Marine resources are diverse and abundant, such as reef fish, giant clams, snails, sea turtles, ... So this area was planned ecological recovery and no take zones .

Tre Lon island with smoothsandy beach where is the second place has many sea turtles lay eggs in Con Dao (after Bat Lon beach - Bay Canh island) yearly. To get Tre Lon island, visitors can take boat or speedboat from Ben Dam port or Ong Dung beach.


- A marine eco-tourism route by boat, organized in the Park Visitor Center. The service includes bathing, swimming, coral viewing, sightseeing, explore the conservation of natural resources, sea bird watching.

- Requirements: bring appropriate luggage, life jackets, binoculars, snorkeling gear renting in Park. It should need a guide from National Park.

- Time: 4-6 hours or more; Environmental capacity: up to 24 guests in daytime / 1 time, at night time: 6-10 guests. It is suitable for couples, honeymoon, camping and relax in groups, family travel.