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Thursday, 19/01/2006, 15:06 GMT+7
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Scientific research is o­ne of the significant subjects in the working programme in Con Dao National Park. Since 1996, Con Dao National Park has performed the following scientific researches subjects:



For protection of eco-system, ensuring the forest cover rate and maintain the biodiversity of the National Park in the forest-use system of Vietnam. In the past years, Con Dao National Park had carried out afforestation and maintenance of: 63 ha, forest rehabilitation and protection of 527 ha and setting up, installing forest protection sign posts at the contained locations for forest rehabilitation and protection (1999-2005).

Moreover, other subjects of the 5 million ha of forest have been carried out such as:

-Research o­n rehabilitation of LH in the affected areas due to Storm No. 5, 1997 (Storm Linda) in Con Dao National Park (1999-2000).

-Inventory to establish a recorded list and specimen of the forest flora in Con Dao National Park.

-Inventory to establish a recorded list and specimen of the butterflies in Con Dao National Park.

-Setting up a draft of Protection of rare fauna and flora in Con Dao National Park.


Funded by BP with the project budget of USD 42,000 in two years (2002-2004). Con Dao National Park performed the afforestation project for cultivated areas to create the food source for the wildlife to protect and reserve the natural resources of Con Dao; especially protect the genetic sources and the biodiversity of the rare endemic fauna and flora; at the same time protect the ecological environment successfully for the island district. o­n the other hand, to contribute positively to the needs of future scientific research, dissemination and education, tour visits and generating more employment for local residential community.

The outcome of the afforestation and maintenance project obtained as 17 tree species with 8,000 trees per 20 ha of the cultivated area.

The outcome of the two-year project had been reported and received high evaluation from the Provincial PC and BP Vietnam at the successful achievement of the project; and Con Dao National Park was concurrently approved to carry out the next three-year maintenance programme with total budget of 12,000 USD.




The marine turtle protection programme has been started since 1995 and funded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Indochina Programme. The project has been implemented to reduce the natural adverse effects to marine turtles, to study their ecological characteristics, to research and realize the marine turtle protection models and participate in the ASEAN marine turtle protection network.

The o­ngoing activities: Checking their nesting activities o­n a random basis, perform marine turtle salvage and gathered tagging.

The research results: some species emerge to make their nests o­n the beaches yearly are Chelonia mydas and Eretmochelys imbricata. Nesting season; April � December, average number of mother turtles coming to the beaches for nesting is about 400 individuals/year, a mother turtle gives averagely 250 eggs and making 3 nests in a brooding season. The hatching time is around 55 days, it usually takes from 1 � 3 days for the hatched eggs to become turtles and crawling up the beach surface. The successful hatching rate yearly is 80%. The tagging of 1,682 mother turtles coming to the beach for nesting has been performed.

Moreover, other researches o­n temperature change at nesting places in relation to hatching time, hatching rate have been made. Impacts of the eco-tour activities to the marine turtle community have been recorded.



With the financial support from the Denmark International Development Agency (DANIDA) and coordination from WWF, Indochina Programme, Nha Trang Oceanography Institute and Faculty of Natural Resource Research and Sustainable Use from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Con Dao National Park has carried out a Biodiversity Conservation Project in Con Dao for the purpose of making a survey ofthe extent of damage to the natural resources after Storm Linda and supporting Con Dao National Park in the marine organism resources conservation and rehabilitation. Implementation time: 1998 � 2000

This project has brought significant effects for the conservation management and quick recovering for marine organism after Storm Linda (2 Nov. 1997). This project has also supported the Park in marine resources inventory, marine area management allocation, setting up initial database for tourism development in Con Dao, providing technical training (scuba diving), training o­n dissemination & education, supporting 01 marine patrol boat, scuba diving equipment, building 04 marine turtle protection stations and providing technical training o­n coral reef tracking.




Funded by the Asia Development Bank (ADB) for the purpose of initial survey and setting up database for the selection and establishment of a general management project for a typical coastal area (GEF project) inVietnam.

According to the results of in-situ research in Con Dao, GEF and DANIDA have agreed toselect Con Dao as implementation site for the Project of �Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of Con Dao marine and coastal areas�. This is a project comprising of various components and participants, with the total fund around 1,8 million USD, implementation time: 3 years starting from 2006 to 2008 under the coordination of UNDP.




This is the first survey in Vietnam o­n Dugong community in Con Dao; supplying information about them o­n the media like newspapers, radio, televisions and Internet; extensive dissemination and education to protect this rare Dugong community.

Scope of performance: making survey o­n the number of Dugong community, their habits; making survey of the sea-grass cover (food for Dugong) and giving dissemination for raising the public awareness of the Dugong community in Con Dao and in Vietnam.

Implementation time: year of 2001.

Funded by Serenian International and VSO.





This is a very significant programme and contributing a large effort in the conservation of Con Dao coral, following up the change of the coral reefs, the rehabilitation capacity as well as the adverse impacts to the development of the Con Dao coral reefs..

Scope of performance: Yearly survey have been made o­n the coral cover at 10 permanent sites that were identified as sensitive to human and natural impacts.

Implementation time: 2001 � 2003

Coordinated by: Nha Trang Oceanography Institute.




For the purpose of preventing any degradation to the coral reefs due to the local people�s activities, boat & ship operating, mooring in the marine area of Con Son Bay, ensuring coral and sea-grass cover retrieved after Storm Linda, creating a safe area for the Dugong to feed and providing a feeding and breeding biota for the marine organisms; concurrently carrying out scientific research and public education, dissemination.

Scope of performance: Installing moorings and pendants as warning system at coral rehabilitation sites with sign posts, providing extensive education o­n the coral protection and rehabilitation, coral transplantation areas and making inventory o­n the capacity and rate of coral habilitation.


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