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Con Dao Discovery

Con Dao Discovery
Con Dao Discovery
Mã tour : 11
Thời gian : 2 ngày/1 đêm
Khởi hành từ :
Điểm kết thúc : Đang cập nhật
Giá : Call
  • First day: CON DAO - HISTORY
    : Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    6:00am: Arrived Ben Dam Port – Con Dao by ferry. Visit the port before come the town for check in. On the way car will go by Love peak. Nhat beach, Shark cape,… Cảng Bến Đầm và hướng dẫn tham quan cảng

    7:00am: Have breakfast.

    8:30am: Car and guide will take visitors visit some famous Con Dao historical relics



    • French Tiger Cages: The center of Con Dao prison system. Discover Tiger Cages system built solidly hidden among the maze-like and eyesight fool buildings, where the most brutal tortures applied to prisoners.

    • American Tiger Cages: With small and wet cell ranges were built in 1971, this prison was known as the place tortured mental and physical prisoners. This was also the first place in Con Dao got information about Saigon liberated.

    The Lord Building: Formerly, this house was the working place of Lord generations. Visitors can learn about Con Dao history by the artifacts, antiques, photographs and materials were formed from the French colonial period to the present.

    • Phu Hai Prison: The prison where pledged, exiled and tortured thousands of communist with names: Rice Tunnel, Cells,…

    •  Separated Shed Place: used to livestock, mostly for cattle during French and American time. Here has a big cattle shit cell used to torture prisoners.

    Tau Be cape. Stop to incense at Canh Prince Temple- Nguyen Anh King and Phi Yen Concubine’s son. Continue to Dam Trau beach – a beautiful yellow sandy beach wildly. Visitors enjoy clear water and some sea sports.

    5:30pm: Come back hotel.

    6:30pm: Have dinner and discover Con Dao night time.

    10:00pm: Visit the Hang Duong cemetery where is resting place of over twenty thousand Vietnamese revolutionaries and patriots through imprisoned generations, brutally tortured. Visitors incense to commemorate the heroic martyrs as well as Vo Thi Sau heroine.

    12:00pm: Have lunch.

    1:00pm: Check in and take a rest.

    3:00pm: Visitors are driven to Dam Trau beach. On the way, visitors can pass Ong Tong slope

    Nhà chúa Đảo: Trước đây là nơi ở và làm việc của các thời kỳ Chúa Đảo. Tìm hiểu lịch sử hình thành Côn Đảo thông qua các hiện vật, cổ vật, hình ảnh và các tư liệu được hình thành từ thời Pháp thuộc đến nay.

    Trại tù Phú Hải: Nơi cầm cố, lưu đày và tra tấn hàng nghìn người tù chiến sĩ cộng sản như Hầm Xay Lúa, Xà Lim, ...

    Khu biệt lập chuồng bò: được dùng để chăn nuôi gia súc,

    đặc biệt là nuôi bò trong thời Pháp và Mỹ. Nơi đây có hầm phân bò được dùng để tra tấn tù nhân bằng cách ngâm tù nhân vào hầm phân bò.

    : Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

    6:30am: Have breakfast.

    7:30am: Moving to the port by car then to enjoy the boat trip: Con Son bay – Cau island – Bay Canh island.

    8:30am: Anchoring in front of Cat Lon beach, Bay Canh island to go snorkeling to discover beautiful coral reefs in very clear water.

    9:00am: Get the shore to explore the island with mangrove forest, learning about Sea turtles conservation, and then release hatchlings to the sea (if any). Swimming and freely, take photographs.

    11:30am: Check out the hotel.

    12:30pm: Have lunch.

    2:30pm:  Before get back Ben Dam port to come back Vung Tau by ferry, visitors will drop at two places for last visitation in Con Dao:

    • Phi Yen Temple: this is place revering Lady Phi Yen – concubines of Nguyen Anh King. In Con Dao, locals revere two women: Lady Phi Yen concubines and Vo Thi Sau heroine as their saints.

    • Nui Mot pagoda (also known as Van Son pagoda): This is a restored from a former pagoda. Local people come here everyday to pray and look for their peaceful lives. Everyone should not miss this place when coming to Con Dao. Take a view from high position.

    4:20pm: Get the Ben Dam port, check in ferry and have dinner and spend a night on board.


  • Accomodation;
  • Car/Bus as program
  • Thoughtful guide 
  • Vestige tickets
  • National Park tickets
  • Speedboat or normal boat for boat trip;
  • Snorkeling gears;
  • 06 meals/pax
  • 02 mineral water bottles/pax/day
  • Value – added tax 10%;
  • Tourist insurance: maximum 10.000.000đ/case to Vietnamese tourist and 20.000.000đ/case to foreigner tourist.



  • Phone fee, laundry, minibar and other expenditures.
  • Dinner and drinking water on ferry to Con Dao;
  • Offerings for visitation cemetery.
  • Other drinks in meals.



Accomodation standard

5 – 7 pax

8-15 pax

16-25 pax


3 star hotel




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